Love And Magic

Magically In Love

Love is like Magic sometimes. It can be mystical and mysterious. Sensational and amazing. Simple yet beautiful. Love
is something we all need. Everyone needs to be loved, wehter they admit it or not. Magic is something unexplained and some don't
believe in. Yet I believe they are both connected. How do we fall in love? Love at first sight is very real and unexplainable. Laying
eyes on someone who is unbelieveably beautiful, there's something about that first feeling that just takes your breathe away. It's amazing
one can even say that it is magical.

We talk about both these things today because we need more of both love and magic in today's world. The world is to violent and
sad. Too many people are suffering and too many people are going unloved these days. Love can change the world, it is something magical
and warm. It enters your heart and leaves no room for hatred or anger. With enough love and enough spiritual spells, we can make this
worlds a better place. A place worth living in.

Let's Reminisce

I want you to go back in time with me. Allow your heart to feel, whatever it is your brain can conjure. Let's go back to a
place and time when you were in love for the first time. I want you to remember those feelings, and emotions. How did you feel being
around that person? How did it feel when that person kissed you, or touched you? Remember the butterflys in your tummy? how amazing was it
to be in love. Especially if you want to keep him interested. You felt unstoppable. On top of the world. How amazing was it the first time that other person professed their love for you.
Now take all those feelings, feel them in your heart and feel them in your stomach. Let those feelings warm you. Do you feel anger, depression,
rage, violent, or any other negative emotion? No of course you don't.

So how do you keep him interested? Love over powers any emotion, bad or good. Love is selfish, it wants all the attention. It demands to be put first. And it usually
is. Now imagine if everyone on this planet could feel this way even slightly 80% of the time. Violence would be decreased and famine would end.
The world's most evil of people have never experienced true soft warm love. If they had they would have not been so evil.

Let's Get Mystical

Some people want love so bad that they would do anything for it. Including trying to forcefully take it way from others. Some
want it so badly that they don't want to put in the work for it. They don't want to fail. So what they do is a bit crazy. Some even
go as far as trying to cast spells to make someone fall in love with them. Groups and cultures around the world believe these spells to work.
They believe in casting spells to make someone fall in love, actually has some weight. This is what loves power does. It turns some people
a bit crazy. They want it so bad that they are willing to result to drastic measures in order to achieve that feeling. Even if it is artificial.


My Hopes

I hope one day for it to be possible for all human beings to spread love. We need to spread more positve emotions. Positive vibes will
keep this world spinning in a healthy manner. Life is beautiful and beauty is a positve thing. It is my belief that positive emotions and thoughts
are contagious and that they can spread amongst others. Marriage, love, babies, and laughter all produce these positive vibes. We need more of these
emotions and less of the negative ones. It is our duty to spread happiness and love around to every life we enter. Even if we enter that life momentarily
it is still our responsibility to give love. I believe that as sure as it goes out, it will come back. So let's spread love together. So if you want to know how to keep him interested, check out tips to keep him interested on They have an interesting article there.

Check out this article on about making someone fall in love with you through love spells.

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